Welcome to the Institute registration page. We're excited you'll be taking a class with us this semester.
To start, what's your full name? *

Ok. {{answer_qCbb}} is in our records.
And would you mind giving us you're phone number? *

Next, we need to know if you're a part of the Underground... *

Excellent. Which microchurch are you a part of? *

No problem. Which church are you a part of? *

Last bio question, which city will you be taking your class in? *

Alright {{answer_O5Th}}, here are the 3 classes we're offering this summer. Which class(es) would you like to take? *

We will be offering childcare for Theology of Missional Parenting for $5 per child per night. Would you like to take advantage of this service? *

You're welcome to use the childcare only some of the evenings. If you select 'Yes' you don't have to use the childcare every class. You're welcome to opt into the evenings that would be most helpful for you.

If you do plan to use the childcare for some and not all of the classes, please follow up with Anthony by replying to the confirmation email you'll receive once your complete this registration. This way, we can plan for the appropriate amount of childcare workers each evening.
Great! So we can make sure to have the right number of people in childcare, mind telling us how many kids you'll be putting in? *

Each of these classes is a $350 value. We run the Institute on a Pay-What-You-Want system, so you can decide how much you'll pay for your classes. We recommend a payment of $100.

How much would you like to pay for {{answer_HwNx}}? *

How would you like to contribute your {{answer_ewhx}}? *

If you choose 'Credit Card (now)' you'll be directed to an option to pay for your class now.

If you choose an 'At first class' option, please remember to bring your contribution to that first class. Someone will be there to collect money.

If you're not able to give now or at the first class, select 'Other' and please notify Anthony by responding to the confirmation email you'll receive when you complete this registration.

Perfect. You can go ahead and make your contribution of {{var_price}} here.

If you're unable to (or would rather not)  give via credit/debit, you're welcome to bring cash or credit to your first class. ahead scroll down to the end of this form and click Submit to finish.
Please enter your Credit or Debit Card number:

The CVC number:

(3 or 4 digit security number on the back of your card)
The name on your card:

Your card's expiry month:

Your card's expiry year:

That's it! You'll be getting an email soon with more details concerning your class. You're welcome to email Anthony at any time at anthony@tampaunderground.com if you need to update or change something.

Happy learning!
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